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Double Dip Imeached Promo for November 22, 2019

Everybody's Doing The Double Dip Jimmy....

Listen to the Double Dip Imeached promo that ran 11-22-2019

Eating Chips Promo for October 19, 2019

Jimmy is asked about the Double Dip Tip Tickle... oh myy!

Listen to the Eating Chips promo that ran 10-19-2019

Robin Vos Promo for September 05, 2019

Crutie mentioned the weekend music guys on the Devil's Advocate, so we used it as promo

Listen to the Robin Vos promo that ran 09-05-2019

Jimmy, Wake Up! Promo for August 08, 2019

Wake up Jimmy, he's dreaming about Politics again

Listen to the Jimmy, Wake Up! promo that ran 08-08-2019

Pretty Colours Promo for July 10, 2019

Promo running on Max Ink Radio mid July 2019

Listen to the Pretty Colours promo that ran 07-10-2019

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