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Every Monday after Max Ink Radio broadcasts over the airwvaves on TALK 92.7FM the archives are posted here.

MIR Show 02-27-2021 Summary:

Artist - Song Title
Wheelhouse - Hungover and Brokenhearted
Erik Kjellend - Something You've Aint never seen
Madtown Mannish Boys - Hey Baby
Cholie Louise - Without a Warner
Greg Hall and the Reconball - One More Night
Madison Malone - Flowers on Leather

Mad PoleCats - What made milwaukee famous
Jeffery James - Two Bucks
Kirstie Krause - Just One More
Gods Outlaw - Poetic Justice
She She - One More Hit
Brett Newski - Garage
Bad Boy - Thunder & Lightning
Bradly Fish - Big Bag o Reffer
Pipe Circus - Funky Sexy
Moxy Roxx - Victims of the Night
The Rousers - Doll Hospital

Interview with Dean from Zeroed Hero:
Zeroed Hero - Up to be turned Down
Zeroed Hero - Rise Up

Lorenzos Music - Small Apartment
Arrow - Over You
Dee - Release the HeartBreak
The Big Payback - The Running with the fire
Distent Cuz - Let's Sleep Together
Pat McCurdy - Mr. Jamison
Pat McCurdy - Sex and Beer
Sunspot - Trashy Hot
Violent Femmes - Blister in the Sun
Tiny Riots - Hear to Stay
Fermata - And So We Dance Again
20 Reasons Taken - Through This Fight
The Jimmy's - Wright A Hit
Kat and the Hurricane - Sorry That I'm like this

Live in the Devil's Lair:
Old Soul Society - Carolina
Old Soul Society - Talking in My Sleep
Old Soul Society - Hurricane Heart
Old Soul Society - Fleeting Thoughts
Old Soul Society - Say it

Max Ink Heavy:
Underground Day One - Juice
Revolution X - R-Evolution
Blunt Radish - Burn Up your City
Carbellion - Without a Trace
Go Play God - Meant To Be
Cold Black River - Time Lord
Mickey Magnum - Lockdown USA
In Theory - Tear It down
Black Lady Jane - One Up
Dr. Noise - One Shot
Fiendish Phantoms - Phantom Machine
Abaddons End - Dreams
J. Marsden - Such A Mess
Ratbatspider - Kingdom Of the Spiders
Lords of the Trident - Death Dealer
Luna Mortis - Ash
Rictus Grinn - Metal Grave
Not Dead Yet - Johnny Cashed Out
Not Dead Yet - Wasted
Subatomic - Hey Fool
Faces For Radio - Wreck Me
Good Morning V - Blunderbus
Mono In Stereo - The Conversation
Rebels Without Applause - Weak
Quick and Painless - Sara Tonin

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