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Every Monday after Max Ink Radio broadcasts over the airwvaves on TALK 92.7FM the archives are posted here.

MIR Show 06-06-2020 Summary:

Playlist for June 6, 2020:

Sonny Knight and the Lakers - "Juicy Lucy"
Phat Phunktion - "Well Run Dry"
The Spectaculars - "Can't Break Through"
Smokin' with Superman - "Around The Corner"
Steez - "Last Night"
Whoa Dakota - "Patterns"
Clyde Stubblefield - "Party's in the Kitchen"
Hypheria - "Sunrise"
Dana Perry and Friends - "All Come Outta This"
Reina Del Cid - Bernadette"
Pat McCurdy - "I Like Everything"
Little Blue Crunchy things - See What I'm Smillin'"
Goodtime Camper - "Madison"
The Steepwater Band - "Come On Down"
Patrick Peterson - "Shakin' it Up"
Old Buffalo Money - "Story of my Life"
Eric Agner & Nancy Rost - "Give You Everything"
Miles Nielsen & the Rusted Roots - "Hands Up"
The Blacker Brothers Band - "Get Some"
Sweet Delta Dawn - "Talkin' to the Devil"
Jimmie Hill & Danny Davis - "The Recovery of Mary Jane"
The Viscous Circle - "Escape"
Magic 7 - "Sunrise New Day"
Faces For Radio - "How Good It Could Be" & "Wreck Me"
Mission Blue - "Here Before"
7 Seasons Deep - Nowhere Land"
The Keystones - "WLVS"
Schmoolio - "$100 Bill"
The Red Flags - "There's No"
The Rotten Tommy's - "Mad Rollin' Doll"
Masked Intruder - "Heart Shaped Guitar"
One Day War - "Deep Blue C"
Spectral Evidence - "Untethered"
Johnny Likes Noize - "Rock Bottom"

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