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MIR Show 06-13-2020 Summary:

Max Ink Radio for Saturday & Sunday June 13-14

This week includes brand new songs two artists sent in written about George Floyd and the protests for Black Lives Matter. One song came from Waukesha's Dean Richard and the other comes from Madison's Kelsey Miles. Plus we'll play the latest from Dana Perry and friends with their song that also Sam Ness on vocals as well as many other talented local musicians!

We're going to start of with a rare recording of Vanessa Tortolano so tune in at 6pm!

Here's the featured artists for this week:
Vanessa Tortolano - Warrior
Kyle Henderson - Walkin' Shoes
Arrow - Over You
Kelsey Miles - Standstill
Beth Kille Band - Just Wanna Play
Clear Blue Betty - Keep Away From Myself
Chris Aaron Band - Born With the Blues
Chris Aaron Band - Blue Highway
Miss Meaghan Owens - Gun Shy of a Kiss
Dean Richard - Say His Name
Dana Perry & Friends - All Come Outta This
Anna Wang and the Oh Boys - Change of Pace
The Mustache - Sweet Potato Fries
Magic Conch - Fig Newton
Magic Conch - Hypnotone
Kris Lager Band - Rise Up
Lucas Cates Band - Ball and Chain
Altered Five Blues Band - Find My Wings
Supper Club - Right As Rain
Katie Scullin - Pretty Lady
Paul Filipowicz - Chickenwire
Led Zeppelin - Immigrant Song
Carpe Diem - Make It Out
Ozzy Ozbourne - Steal Away (the Night)
Last Crack - Burning Time
Muzzy Luctin - The River
Van Halen - Top Jimmy
Mickey Magnum - Gypsy Lover
Pudge - Out of Sight
Metallica - Breadfan
Rebels Without Applause - Weak
The Scorpions - The Zoo

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