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Every Monday after Max Ink Radio broadcasts over the airwvaves on TALK 92.7FM the archives are posted here.

MIR Show 06-20-2020 Summary:

Interview with CJ Hall from Full Mile Beer Company & Kitchen
Interview with Supa Friends
Interview with Dennis Graham producer of Rockonsin

Brand New Music:
Scarlet Curve (Stevens Point)
Cheeseburgerz (Madison)
Erik Kjelland and Madison Malone (Madison/Los Angeles)
RJ Halstead (Madison)
One Human Band
Supa Friends
01 Bullet Left

Featured Music:
VO5 - "Soul Shiny Day"
People Brothers Band - "Kisses"
Steez - "Last Night"
Scarlet Curve - "Traveler"
Cheesburgerz - "Weird Haircuts"
The Jimmys - "Love Will Find A Way"
Altered Five Blues Band - "Older, Wiser, Richer"
Erik Kjelland & Madison Malone - "Say Something"
RJ Halstead - "Wisconsin Beer"
Pat McCurdy - "Sex & Beer"
One Human Band - "I Can't Breathe"
Supa Friends - "Strung Out"
Gabe Burdulis - "Mess You Made"
Tyler Preston - "Icarus"
Arrow - "Over You"
Elizabeth Mary - "Meet Me in Madison"
Mississippi Cactus - "Burn Out Blues"
Cudasigh - "Time in the Sun"
Mojo Radio - "Death Of Me"
I Voted For Kodos - "Never Go Home"
4 Aspirin Morning - "Alias"
Lorenzo Music - "Misdemeanor"
Rapscallion - "Bread & Butter"
Distant Cuzins - "Everything's Fine"
Quick and Painless - "Crucified"
01 Bullet Left - "If You Got Love"
Superego - "Pass Me The Bottle"
Hello Ramona - "Bottom Feeder"
Tambora - "Black Night Fear"
Droids Attack - "Claw Hammer Suicide"
Three Years Hollow - "Before it Begins"

Max Ink Radio is sponsored by:

The Lazy Oaf Lounge - Now open for dine-in and carry-out plus Live music on the patio Thursday and Saturday nights. The Lazy Oaf Lounge, North Stoughton Road and on-line at www.LazyOafLounge.com

Full Mile Beer Company and Kitchen in downtown Sun Prairie. Now open for dine-in with reduced seating capacity. Carryout is also available.
Find ‘em online at www.FullMileBeerCompany.com

Nessalla Kombucha, Now doing delivery in Madison and Milwaukee. Order online at www.Nessalla.com

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Listen to Interview with Supa Friends

June 20, 2020

Listen to Interview with CJ Hall of Full Mile Beer Company and Kitchen

June 20, 2020

Listen to Interview with Rockonsin's Dennis Graham

June 20, 2020

    Live in the Devil’s Lair Presented by Sal’s Tomato Pies

    Live Music performed in the Devil Radio 92.7 studio