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MIR Show 08-08-2020 Summary:

Interviews with:

Beth Kille joins us to talk about the MAMA Awards!

We reminisce with local artists, including Erik Kjelland, Karen Wheelock, Jeffrey James, and Dana Perry, about their favorite memories from past performances.

PLUS artists will be joining us throughout the show to introduce their music!

Featured Music From:

Nester - "7/4 Beltline"
Steez - "C Section"
Cyclops Cow - "Echo Chambers"
7uchy Vita - "Little Robot Man"
K.I.L.O. aka SkitL'z - "New Religion"
Morningstar - "Bittersweet Lullaby"
The Flame and the Void - "Light it Up"
Damsel Trash - "No FOMO"
Chaser - "One Room"
Paradyme Productions - "Ariana"
Alexander Kain - "I Reminisce"
Bingbong - "Bouncing Ball"
Nester - "Genesis"
WURK - "Facture"
The Getaway Drivers - "Radio Silence"
Sunspot - "Spend the Night"
The Mascot Theory -"Coffee For Two"
Mark Croft - "For that Pretty Girl"
Dana Perry - "Connection"
Karen Wheelock - "Lisa's Song"
The Emmylous - "The Bots of Summer"
Sam Ness - "I Can't Make You Love Me"
Clay Rehm - "Breakfast at Tiffany's"
The Jeffrey James Show - "Two Bucks"
Lo Marie - "I Got a Crush on You"
Sam Ness - "Come for Grace"
The People Brothers Band - "Honey Please"
Karen Wheelock - "Imagine Girl"
WURK - "Crunch"
North Code - "Artemis"
Gin, Chocolate, and Bottle Rockets - "Flash Flood"
Mackenzie Moore - "More than This"
Kat and The Hurricane - "Over You"
RJ Halstead - "Wisconsin Beer"

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