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MIR Show 08-29-2020 Summary:

Playlist for August 29, 2020

Jonny Thunderbird and the MPs - "Can't Pick it Up" **New in 2020 (Milwaukee)

Roscoe Foster and the Rascal Theory - "Palm of Her Hand" **New in 2020 (Baraboo)

The Civil Engineers - "Hashtag" (Madison)

Elizabeth Mary - "Meet Me in Madison" **New in 2020 (Madison)

Dana Perry, Sam Nash & Friends - "All Come Out of This" **New in 2020 (Madison)

Pine Travelers - "Oysters" (Madison)

Kat and the Hurricane - "Redline" **New in 2020 (Madison)

Robert J - "The Saddest March" **New in 2020 (Madison)

Kelsey Miles - "You Ain't Missing a Thing" **New in 2020 (Madison)

Gin, Chocolate and Bottlerockets - "Gin & Chocolate" (Madison)

Pat McCurdy - "I Like Everything" (Milwaukee)

Mickey Magnum - "Gypsy Lover" (Madison)

Mojo Radio - "Gilded Cage" (Madison)

Sweet Delta Dawn - "Majik Punch" (Madison)

Mama Didgown's Brass Band - "Outstanding" **New in 2020 (Madison)

Doctor Noise - "Corrosion" **New in 2020 (Madison)

Doctor Noise - "Crazy Town" (Madison)

The First Rule - "All My Friends Suck" **New in 2020 (Janesville)

Arrow - "Over You" **New in 2020 (Milwaukee)

The Blisser - "Too Hot To Burn" (Madison)

Freedom - "F The BS" **New in 2020 (Madison)

Pudge - "Out of Sight" (Appleton)

Bad year - "Handshakes" **New in 2020 (Milwaukee)

Schmoolio - $100 Bills **New in 2020 (Madison)

Masked Intruder - "Heart Shaped Guitar" (Madison)

Four Twenty - "See You Again" (Rockford)

Carpe Diem - "Make It Out" **New in 2020 (Rockford)

Twin wizard - "Ghost Train Haze" **New in 2020

Morningstar - "Bittersweet Lullaby" (Madison)

Cold Black River - "The Great Equalizer" (Madison)

The Keystones - "WLVS" **New in 2020 (Milwaukee)

Mono in Stereo - "The Conversation" **New in 2020

Mind Drop - "Dissent" (Rockford)

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