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MIR Show 09-12-2020 Summary:

Max Ink Radio show for Saturday, September 12th and Sunday, September 13th from 6-9pm
Listen at Devil Radio 92.7FM Madison
Stream online at www.maxinkradio.com

Jimmy K and Rökker are busy selling their souls so Rob Roberts is back in the air-chair this week with a new, exciting show featuring interviews with Jonah Wilson from The Red Flags, Kirstie Kraus, Jesse Lopez, and Mackenzie O'Brian.

Featured music this week:
Dana Perry-Sam Ness and Friends - "All Come outta This"
Leo Albertoni and The Conviction - "All I need"
Cash Box Kings - "I-94"
Beth Kille - "Through The Walls"
Missy Raine and the New Hip - "Whats the Calling For"
Bob Loblaw - "Fear and Loathing Elsewhere"
The Red Flags - "Gluing Rocks together"
The Leptons - "Color in the Lines"
Candace Griffin - "Outside"
Six Steps In - "Pockets and String"
RJ Halstead - "Do it For You"
Tacoma Washington Weekday Club - "Damascus"
Shawndell Marks - "Balanced Rock Winery"
Katie Scullin - "She Smiled"
Old Soul Society - "Hurricane Heart"
The Bar Flies - "Little Things on a Big Ranch"
Mark Croft - "Southern Bound Walking Northward"
Kirstie Kraus - "Silver"
Kirstie Kraus - "Thirsty"
Kirstie Kraus - "Delusional"
Jesse Lopez - "Smile"
Jesse Lopez - "Wild"
Jesse Lopez - "Way Past Words"
Jesse Lopez - "Can’t Call you Home"
Mackenzie O’Brian - "Hummingbird"
Mackenzie O’Brian - "One Heartbreak Away"
Mackenzie O’Brian - "Your not Tequila"

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