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MIR Show 09-26-2020 Summary:

This Weekend on Max Ink Radio
Saturday, September 26 6-9 PM
Tune in: Devil Radio 92.7 FM Madison
Streaming: www.maxinkradio.com

Author and music historian Susan Masino is in Madison promoting a newly updated version of her book The Story of AC/DC: Let There Be Rock. A book signing event will occur on Friday, October 2nd at the Sheraton Hotel in Madison from 7-9 PM. Catch interesting Madison music history, funny AC/DC stories and info plus a look back to the Madcity music scene in the 80's.

Last Crack guitarist Paul Schluter checks in to premiere a rare song from their first demo tape recorded by Randy Green in the late 80s that the band used to get signed to Roadrunner Records.

Morningstar vocalist Amber Swenor on the anniversary of their MAMA nominated song.

CJ Hall from Full Mile Beer Company and Kitchen checks in and we get to see if Rökker's customized Beer Mug is done, and what that exactly means.

Featuring music from:

Sweet Delta Dawn - "Sunrise" *premiere new single
Salmon Run - "Crazy" - *premiere new album
Salmon Run - "Lone Ranger" *premiere new album
Dana Perry & Friends - "All Come Out of This"
Beth Kille - "Radio"
Something To Do - "Red Stripe Beer"
Something To Do - "Give Me Attention" *premiere new single
Jonny T-Bird & the MPs - "Can't Pick It Up"
Roscoe Foster and the Rascal Theory - "Palm of Her Hand"
The Jimmy's - "Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet"
Natty Nation - "Stand In Love"
Natty Nation - "Get Along"
Freedom - "F The BS"
Mickey Magnum - "Ridin' With The Devil"
Devil to Drag - "Heartless"
Van Halen - "Runnin With the Devil"
AC/DC - "Hell Ain't A Bad Place To Be"
AC/DC - "Let There Be Rock"
Autumn Reverie - "Stalemate"
Rebels Without Applause - "Needlejuice"
Revolution-X - "R-Evolution"
Morningstar - "Bittersweet Lullaby"
4 Aspirin Morning - "Use to Be"
Last Crack - "Mini Toboggan"
Last Crack - "Saraboyscage" *rare demo version
Last Crack - "Three Ghosts"
Elizabeth Mary featuring Paul Schluter - "Meet Me In Madison"

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Listen to Interview with Author and Music Historian Susan Masino

September 26, 2020

Listen to Interview with Paul Schluter from Last Crack

September 26, 2020

Listen to Interview with CJ Hall from Full Mile Beer Company and Kitchen

September 26, 2020

    Live in the Devil’s Lair Presented by Sal’s Tomato Pies

    Live Music performed in the Devil Radio 92.7 studio