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MIR Show 1-18-2020 Summary:

Rökker is back from camping, but where is Jimmy K? Without a plan Rökker is calling Mike Reno from Loverboy and Fee Waybill of the Tubes?

And how big is a Ukrainian Sasquatch anyway?

This week's interviews:

Mike Reno, singer for Loverboy, talks Loverboy before MTV, the impact of MTV on their career, opening for KISS, importance of playing with original members, and more!

Fee Waybill, singer and lyricist for The Tubes, talks going from roadie to lead singer, importance of original playing with original bandmates, insider story on Second City TV (SCTV) appearance in 80's with John Candy and the skit "Fishin' Musicians", and more!

Loverboy and The Tubes play a special show together at the Genessee Theater in Waukegan, IL on Saturday, January 25th

Elizabeth Mary is on the cover of Maximum Ink music magazine and we'll speak with her about her new album "Meet Me in Madison", producer & guitarist Paul Schluter, and Paul's son Ethan who also appears on the album.

music by:
BingBong (brand new), Sweet Delta Dawn, Natty Nation, Angela Puerta, Good Morning V, Geri X, Clay Rehm, Something To Do, Black Market Brass, Blythe Gamble and the Rollin' Dice, Joe Price & the Cost, 4 Aspirin Morning, The Tubes, Zeroed Hero, Schmoolio, Porky's Groove Machine, Phat Phunktion, Kris Lager Band, Loverboy, Lords of the Trident, Cynergy 67, The Rotten Tommys

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Listen to Interview with Mike Reno of Loverboy

January 18, 2020

Listen to Interview with Fee Waybill of The Tubes

January 18, 2020

Listen to Interview with Elizabeth Mary

January 18, 2020

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