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MIR Show 1-25-2020 Summary:

Interviews with:

Brian Ksprzak is the singer and guitarist for Milwaukee band Mississippi Cactus and he'll be talking about Mississippi Catcus' status, Milwaukee music scene past, and his new band Arrow with fellow Cactus guitarist Mike Friedl.

Kat from Kat and the Hurricane comes on to discuss new music, leaving Janesville and taking on the Madison area.

On Tour with Edub featuring New York City's Bailen

BRAND NEW music from:
Sunspot (MSN)
Lady Canonn (MKE)
Kat & the Hurricane (MSN)
ZooFunkYou (CHI)
Arrow (MKE)

SPINNING NEW SONGS this week from:
Sweet Delta Dawn (MSN)
Joe Price and the Cost (MSN)
Bluehound (MNPLS)

THROWBACKS outta Rökker's Closet:
Mississippi Cactus (MKE)
The Shabelles (MSN)
Last Crack (MSN)
Stone Temple Pilots
Bliss w/ Donnie Bakken (MSN)

Plus Music from:
Bluehound, Magic Conch, Joe Price & the Cost, Distant Cuzins, Mississippi Cactus, Arrow, The Family Business, Mad Town Mannish Boys, Stone Temple Pilots, Bliss with Don Bakken, Karen Wheelock, Clay Rehm, Lady Cannon, Kat and the Hurricane, Sortin the Mail, ZooFunkYou, Anderson Brothers, Saxon, Last Crack, 4 Aspirin Morning, The Shabelles, Zeroed Hero, Bailen, Civil Engineers, Sunspot, Motherhive, Sweet Delta Dawn

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Listen to Interview with Brian Kasprzak of Arrow

January 25, 2020

Listen to Interview with Kat of Kat & the Hurricane

January 25, 2020

    Live in the Devil’s Lair Presented by Sal’s Tomato Pies

    Live Music performed in the Devil Radio 92.7 studio