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MIR Show 10-10-2020 Summary:

This Weekend on Max Ink Radio
October 10, 2020 @ 6:00 PM
Tune in at Devil Radio 92.7 FM Madison
and Streaming Online at Maxinkradio.com

In depth interviews with:
Madison jazz singer, songwriter and musician, Lo Marie on to talk about winning 5 MAMA Awards in 2020, Nashville, Economics, and early aspirations.

Teresa Marie, lead vocalist of Madison rhythm & soul staples, The People Brothers Band to talk about MAMA awards, favorite songs and the message of love.

Featured Music:

VO5 - "Soul Shiny Day"
WURK - "Cathedral"
WURK - "Dealin' With The Devil"
BingBong - "Bouncing Ball"
Lo Marie - "Tangerine Ginger"
Lo Marie - "I Got A Crush On You"
Lo Marie - "All The Love"
Dana Perry - "Kill The Rockstar"
Robert J Conaway - "Saddest March of All"
Karen Wheelock - "So Far"
Kat & The Hurricane - "Rope Burn"
Porky's Groove Machine - "Freak In The Sheets"
Porky's Groove Machine - "Double Dip"
Sexy Ester - "Pin Up"
The People Brothers Band "Love Electric"
The People Brothers Band - "Live Like A Song"
Chaser - "One Room"
Distant Cuzins - "Let's Sleep Together"
Audrey Martinovich & Ty Christian - "All I Ask Of You Parody"
Lords of the Trident - "Death Dealer"
Sunspot - "We Are The Darkness"
Dr. Noise - "Arthuriana"
Van Halen - "Eruption/You Really Got Me"
Van Halen - "Spanish Fly/DOA"
Van Halen - "Take Your Whiskey Home"
Van Halen - "So This Is Love"
Van Halen - "Hang 'em High"
Van Halen - "Girls Gone Bad"
Van Halen - "Happy Trails"

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