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MIR Show 10-17-2020 Summary:

In depth interviews with:

Dustin Boyle, founder of TheSpaceship.TV, a new virtual live music and entertainment venue.

Mike Huberty, bassist and singer of Sunspot, and host of "The Other Side Podcast". Sunspot plays at Madison's Olbrich Botanical Gardens on Halloween night.

Featured Music:
Johnny T-bird & the MPs - "Chickens Don't Like Me"
Roscoe Foster & the Rascal Theory - "Buzzkill"
Mr. Deagun Jones - "Concrete Cowboy"
Magic Conch - "Booty on My Mind"
Bluehound - "I don't Want to be in Love"
Sweet Delta Dawn - "Majik Punch"
The Rousers - "Have Some Fun"
Arrow - "Over You"
Kat and the Hurricane - "Red Line"
Kat and the Hurricane - "Sorry The I'm Like This"
One Human Band - "I Can't Breath"
I Am Dragon - "Santa's Special Treats"
Bird's Eye - "Highwire"
Smokin' With Superman - Around the Corner
The Mustache - "Sweet Potato Fries"
Baghdad Scuba Review - "Day Breaks"
Muzzy Luctin - "The River"
Brett Newski - "I'm Paranoid"
Mickey Magnum - "Ride With The Devil"
The First Rule - "All My Friends Suck"
Faces For Radio - "Wreck Me"
Devil To Drag - "Dead Wright"
Sunspot - "Spend the Night"
Sunspot - "Hauncheyville"
Sunspot - "Jimm"
In Theory/Jage Nichols - "The Mess You've Made"
Instead We Smile - "Lemmy"

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Listen to Interview with Mike Huberty from Sunspot

October 17, 2020

Listen to Interview with Dustin Boyle founder of TheSpaceship.TV

October 17, 2020

    Live in the Devil’s Lair Presented by Sal’s Tomato Pies

    Live Music performed in the Devil Radio 92.7 studio