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MIR Show 10-3-2020 Summary:


Ryan Mendolla of Appleton's Salmon Run who are releasing their new album "Maes Avenue" on October 3rd.

Damien Smith of Autumn Reverie joins to talk about the hindsight behind their new album "Twenty Twenty"

Blind Bryan Lee - "I got a Rich Man's Woman"
Phat Phunktion - "Miss Madison"
WURK - "Funk Day"
Leo Albertoni & the Convictions - "On the Ground"
Jordan Story - "Lost My Woman"
Johnny & the Mo-Tones - "Crazy People"
Joe Matera - "Only One"
Dana Perry - "In The Middle"
Corona Brothers - "Corona Time"
Kirstie Krause - "Delusional"
Rascal Theory - "Buzz Kill"
Ifdakar - "Today"
Phox - "Shrinking Violets"
Civil Engineers - "Mollywood"
Kris Lager Band - "Shake It Down"
Salmon Run - "Crazy"
Salmon Run - "Long Run"
People Brothers Band -"Kisses"
Mojo Radio - "Guilded Cage"
Mickey Magnum - "Ridin with the Devil"
Sky Road Fly - "Sirens of the City"
The First Rule - "All My Friends Suck"
Schmoolio - "$100 Bills"
Autumn Reverie - "Rebuild"
Autumn Reverie - "Stalemate"
Conniption - "Let the Wolf Out"
Candy Machine Guns - "Solace"
Cold Black River - "Silence"

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Listen to Interview with Ryan Mendolla of Salmon Run

October 03, 2020

Listen to Interview with Damien Smith of Autumn Reverie

October 03, 2020

    Live in the Devil’s Lair Presented by Sal’s Tomato Pies

    Live Music performed in the Devil Radio 92.7 studio