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MIR Show - 10-31-2020 Summary:

Halloween Spööktakular
10/31/2020 9pm-12:00AM

**** NOTE ABOUT RECORDING - due to a technical issue, the first 3 minutes of the broadcast of each hour was cut-off

Thanx to the Devil Radio listeners who participated in the Max Ink Halloween Spooktakular Costume Contest.

here are your winners:

Witch by Jaime Guschl - Grand Prize - Pizza for a Year from Salvatore's Tomato Pies

Pumpkin Twins by Shana Banana - $25 Gift Certificate for Lazy Oaf Lounge

Morticia Addams by Gayle Hamilton - $25 Gift Certificate for Lazy Oaf Lounge

Interviews and Live Music with Chloe Louise, and Sweet Delta Duo

Phone interview with Elliot Gilfillan of the Earthlings

Playlist for 10/31/2020

Better Yeti - "Tip Tickle"
Porky's Groove Machine - "Double Dip"
Clyde Stubblefield - "Party's in the Kitchen"
Steez - "Last Night"
VO5 - "Soul Shiny Day"
Leo Albertoni and the Convictions - "On The Ground"
Jordan Story - "Lost My Woman"
The Mustache - "Sweet Potato Fries"
Josh Hoyer & Soul Colossal - "Hustler"
Arrow - "Over You"
Karen Wheelock - "Lisa's Song"
Woodrow - "Naked Love"
Velcro - "Lydia"
Alanis Morrisette - "Bitch"
The North Code - "In My Head"
Sam Ness - "6 Feet Away"
The Beatles - "With A Little Help From My Friends"
Something To Do - "Give Me Attention"
Sweet Delta Dawn - "Talkin to the Devil"
Lorenzo music - "Just in Case"
Robert J - "Saddest March of All"
Last Crack - "My Burning Time - Live"
Last Crack - "Slicing Steel - Live"
7 Seasons Deep - "Deadwood"
Magic 7 - "Little Drummer Boy"
Pat McCurdy - "Sex and Beer"
Pat McCurdy - "I Like Everything"
Norman Greenbaum - "Spirit in the Sky"
Red Hot Chili - "Under The Bridge"
Sunspot - "Haunchyville"
The First Rule - "All My Friends Suck"
Freedom - "F the BS"
The Earthlings - "Sticky Heart"
Erik Kjelland - "Something You Ain't Never Seen"
Autumn Reverie - "Stalemate"
Joe Price & the Cost - "The Goat"
Instead We Smile - "Two Shots"
Doctor Noise - "Corrosion"
The Moguls - "I Rule The World"
Kat and the Hurricane - "Sorry That I'm Like This"
Subatomic - "Hey Fool"
I Am Dragon - "Spell It Out"
Audrey Martinovich & Ty Christian - "All I Ask Of You (Parody)"
4 Aspirin Morning - "Pacifist"
The Jimmys - "Grim Reaper"
The Brash Menagerie - "Gone To Soon"
Eddie Ate Dynamite - "I Like Your Hat"

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