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MIR Show 11-07-2020 Summary:

**** SPECIAL NOTE: The November 7th show cut to the Joe Biden speech from the 7-8pm hour and is not archived as part of Max Ink Radio.

Max Ink Radio show for November 7, 2020

Live music in the Devil's Lair with MAMA Award winning New Artist of 2020 Kat and the Hurricane

Interview with Glenn Widdicombe, Director and Founder of Groove Roulette

Playlist for 11/7/2020

Doobie Brothers, The - Takin' It to the Streets - The Best of the Doobies
Clyde Stubblefield All Stars - Jabo's Groove - Clyde Stubblefield Tribute
Bob Marley - Get Up Stand Up - Legend
Black Market Brass - The Thick - Black Market Brass
Altered Five Blues Band - Older, Wiser, Richer - Gotta Earn It
Jordan Story - Lost My Woman - Neverland
Rare Element - You Dig LIVE
Soul Symmetry - Are You Feeling Free - Soul Symmetry
Phat Phunktion - Well Run Dry - Real Life - High Fidelity
Aaron Williams and the Hoodoo - Boom Boom - Live Loud Harmony
Creedence Clearwater Revival - Fortunate Son - Best Of
Leo Albertoni and the Convictions - All I Need
Blythe Gamble - Bluesman - Real For the Deal
Josh Hoyer and Soul Colossal - The Night - The Night
Bob Dylan - Rainy Day Woman - Best Of
One Human Band - I Can't Breath
Elizabeth Mary - Sweatpants and Wine - Meet Me In Madison
Made of Blocks - Long Way Down - Made of Blocks
Earthlings, The - Sticky Heart - Peace & Anarchy
Steez - Last Night - Little World
Something To Do - Stay Inside - Stay Inside
Kelsey Miles - Blue Flame - Play It Again
John Masino - New Age Jam
Wise Jennings - Jennings Holler - Jennings Holler
Magic Conch - Booty on My Mind - Wumbology
Magic Conch - Witchcraft - Wumbology
Viscous Circle, The - Wormwood - Escape Wormwood
Last Crack - Beat of My Blood - Runheadstartscreaming
7 Seasons Deep - Dirty New Day - 7 Seasons Deep
Wurk - Sun Will Still Shine - Animation
Bird's Eye - High Wire - Bird's Eye
Sweet Delta Dawn - Majik Punch - Midnight Circus
Jimmy's, The - Write A Hit - Gotta Have It
Rebels Without Applause - Paper Thin - Low End Head Stomp
Rebels Without Applause - Take My Rest - Rip-Hop Soulcore Crush
Ultrea - The Fury Inside - Unbreakable
Mars Hall - Is Anybody Out There
Mickey Mayhem - Ride With the Devil - Ride With The Devil
Iron Maiden - Killers - Killers
Iron Maiden - Prowler '88 - Eddie's Archive
Subatomic - Pull Me Under - Subatomic
Mhos & Ohms - The River - Tale of Despair
In Theory - Tear It Down
Masked Intruder - Crime Spree - M.I.
Schmoolio - $100 Bills
Lords of the Trident - Foggy Harbor Town - Chains on Fire
Rapscallion - Small Apartment - Older & Wider
Faces For Radio - How Good It Could Be - How Good It Could Be
Instead We Smile - Hear It Comin' - Instead We Smile

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    Live in the Devil’s Lair Presented by Sal’s Tomato Pies

    Live Music performed in the Devil Radio 92.7 studio