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Every Monday after Max Ink Radio broadcasts over the airwvaves on TALK 92.7FM the archives are posted here.

MIR Show 11-14-2020 Summary:

This Week's Max Ink Radio show for 11-14-2020

Playlist featuring Local Music both new and old

Better Yeti - "City Guys"
Magic Conch - "Fig Newton"
Cash Box Kings - "Ain't No Fun (When the Rabbit Got the Gun)"
Leo Albertoni and the Convictions - "On the Ground"
Joe Price & the Cost - "The Goat"
Robert J - "The Saddest March of All"
The Lower 5th - "Hope"
Jordan Story - "Paul Simon"

The Devil's Deep Cuts for Rökker's Birthday
AC/DC - "Night Prowler"
Uriah Heep - "The Wizard"
Talas - "Sink YOur Teeth"
Blackfoot - "Train Train"
DIO - "Rainbow in the Dark"
Tesla - "Little Suzie"
Rush - "Best That I Can"
Scorpions, The - "China White"
Iron Maiden - "Wrathchild"
Cult, The - "Lil' Devil"

***Live In the Devils Lair with Joe Price
Joe Price - "Neighborhood Bar"
Joe price - "Country Singer"
Joe Price - "Leviathan"
Joe Price - "Blood in the Eye"

Elizabeth Mary - "Meet Me In Madison"
Julica Rose Kelly - "Don't Need you Now"
Jackie Bradley featuring 7ucky - "Dream Away"
Jackie Bradley featuring Dan Kennedy - "Music Man In Black"
Chaos Revolution Theory - "Loot N Booty"
Keystones, The - "WLVS"
Stealing Seasons - "Groundhog Day"
Yearless - "Lose Track of Everything"
Arrow - "Over You"
Ultrea - "Never Gonna Break Me"
First Rule, The - "Tell Me A Lie"
Salmon Run - "The Girl Downstairs"
Mickey Magmum - "Lockdown USA"
Scarlet Curve - "Traveler"
Bad Year - "Blackout"
Bad Year - "Hand"
Brett Newski - "What Are you Smoking"
Distant Cuzins - "Let's Sleep Together"
Mono In Stereo - "The Conversation"
Quick and Painless - "Sara Tonin"
01 Bullet Left - "If you Got Love"
4 Aspirin Morning - "Pacifist"
Doctor Noise - "Corrosion"
Anew World Machine - "Anew World Machine"
Anthrax - "Got The Time"
Anthrax - "Caught in a Mosh"
Metallica - "Jump In the Fire"
Direct Hit! - "Blood On Your Tounge"
Common Threads - "Cutting Ties"
Hi-Jack - "Devil's Deal"
In Theory - "Running Out"
Jazzcore Friction - "Lesser of Two"
Stereo Side Effect - "The Devil's Luck"
Howler - "Millions"
Revolution X - "R-Evolution"
Corpsicle - "Buried Alive"

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    Live in the Devil’s Lair Presented by Sal’s Tomato Pies

    Live Music performed in the Devil Radio 92.7 studio