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MIR Show 11-28-2020 Summary:

Live In the Devils Lair w/ Mackenzie Moore
Interview with Perry Stephen Polito and Jon Scott from Mars Hall
Interview with Elliot Gillfillan of The Earthlings

Artist - Song - Album
Caravan Gypsy Swing - Je Ne Sais Quoi
Harmonious Wail - Beyond the Pale
Universal Soul Ensemble - Bring Down The Night
Carolynn Schwartz Black - Everybody's Crying Mercy
Jordan Story - Lost My Woman
Leo Albertoni and the Convictions - On The Ground
Josh Hoyer and the Soul Colossal - The Night
Berens & Greuel - Old Wisconsin Jubilee
Sweet - Fox On the Run
Joe Price - The Goat
Porky's Groove Machine - Double Dip
Jeff Clarke & Flowpoetry - Fire
Freedom - F the BS
The Earthlings - Sticky Heart
The Mascot Theory - Unstick The Woods
The Other Kids - Madtown
Brett Newski - What Are you Smoking
Julia Rose Kelly - Don't Need You Now
Kat and the Hurricane - Sorry That I'm Like This
Imaginary Watermelon - Ultmate Creator
The Jimmy's - Write A Hit
Wurk - Ambulance
Steez - Last Night
Blythe Gamble - Bluesman
The Cash Box Kings - Ain't No Fun
The Spectaculars - Can't Break Through
John Masino - Those Days of Rock n Roll
Elizbeth Mary - Sweatpants and wine
Sweet Delta Dawn - Eastern Dimension
Soundgarden - Holy Water
Sunspot - Next Plane (Welcome Home)
Sunspot - Haunchyville
Lorenzo's Music - Driving in the Dark
Mars Hall - Is Anybody Out there
Mars Hall - Eleanor Rigby
Mars Hall - You Got No Soul
Saxon - Power and glory
Revolution-X - Wanna Be
01 Bullet Left - If you got love
mhos and ohms - Tale of Despair
4 aspirin Morning - Use To Be
We Should have been DJs - Good Bad Look
The Fiendish Phantoms - Does It Even Matter
Government Zero - Underdog
Connipton - Let The Wolf Out
Growing - Inner Space
Ultrea - Divided We Fall
Zeroed Hero - Dog years
Fox Face - Boogie Man
Chaos Revolution Theory - Loot & Booty
HI-Jack - Better Now
Subatomic - Pull Me Under
Droids Attack - Clawhammer Suicide
Faces For Radio - 50 States
Tommy Gunn - I think We're Gonna make it
Queensryche - Queen of the Reich

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    Live in the Devil’s Lair Presented by Sal’s Tomato Pies

    Live Music performed in the Devil Radio 92.7 studio