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MIR Show 2-1-2020 Summary:

Interviews with:

Andy Meyer of the 7-piece, indie-soul band Bluehound comes on to discuss the Minneapolis music scene, their new album, and upcoming Wisconsin shows in Madison and Milwaukee

Award winning singer songwriter, Dana Perry gets excited about the music scene in Madison, Open Mic Nights, and releasing a new album in February.

Justin of the Pop-punk Metalcore band Stealing Seasons talks about the band's new single "Hourglass" and upcoming release show in Madison.

This Week's On Tour With Edub features Grace Potter

BRAND NEW Music From:

Lady Cannon (MKE)
Kat and the Hurricane (MSN)
Dana Perry (MSN)
Stealing Seasons (MSN)

Throwbacks from:
The Pistols at Dawn (MSN)
Realm (MKE)
Last Crack (MSN)

Plus Music From:
Magic Conch, Woo Hooligans, Ryan McGrath Band, Civil Engineers, Cork n Bottle String Band, Bluehound, Sweet Delta Dawn, Lady Cannon, Slotface, 4 Aspirin Morning, The Anderson Brothers, Sunspot, Pistols at Dawn, Kat and the Hurricane, Dana Perry, Grace Potter, Lindsay Beaver, Skintones, Not Dead Yet, Realm, Cold Black River, Carbellion, Mars Hall, Schmoolio, Stealing Seasons, Last Crack.

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Listen to Interview with Andy Mayer from Bluehound

February 01, 2020

Listen to Interview with Dana Perry

February 01, 2020

Listen to Interview with Justin from Stealing Seasons

February 01, 2020

    Live in the Devil’s Lair Presented by Sal’s Tomato Pies

    Live Music performed in the Devil Radio 92.7 studio