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Every Monday after Max Ink Radio broadcasts over the airwvaves on TALK 92.7FM the archives are posted here.

MIR Show 3-14-2020 Summary:

Interviews With:

Todd Osborne from The MAMAs joins us to share details about the MAMA Awards Finalist Announcement Party

Nathan Gindt, singer for Micky Magnum, talks about upcoming shows, album, and singing in the shower.

On Tour with Edub featuring Flying Buffaloes

Plus Music From: Last Crack, Porky's Groove Machine, Get Away Drivers, Elizabeth Mary, Bombpops, Kat & the Hurricane, Angela Puerta, Kelsey Miles, Sexy Ester, Tom Sawyer, WURK, Gin, Chocolate & Bottle Rockets, Mickey Magnum, Mars Hall, Saxon, Acyuta, Revolution X, Masked Intruder, Twin Wizard, Conniption, Faith Hills have Eyes, Left of Reason, and Droids Attack.

Featured Photos:
Mickey Magnum by Shatter Imagery
Porky's Groove Machine by Unknown
Kelsey Miles by Unknown
Wurk by Shatter Imagery

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Listen to Interview with Todd Osborne from The MAMAs

March 14, 2020

Listen to Interview with Nathan Gindt from Mickey Magnum

March 14, 2020

    Live in the Devil’s Lair Presented by Sal’s Tomato Pies

    Live Music performed in the Devil Radio 92.7 studio