Max Ink Live Music Calendar -

The Crucible

3116 Commercial Avenue
Madison, WI 53704
(608) 640-4441

Updated: March 28, 2022 at 04:07 PM

Every Tuesday: WERQ with Trè 7PM
Lucid Tuesdays: hosted by 8Hertz 9pm
Every Wednesday: Karaoke 6pm
First Fridays: Vinyl & Bass

3/31 7 Seasons Deep, Poolside Concession Stand, 20 Minute Mission, Autumn Reverie, Cuddle Riot
4/07 DRI, Intent, Diskillery, Court Caust
4/09 Mattfanale, psych0tron, DJ Serotine
4/10 Pixel Grip, Patriarchy, Previsions
4/23 Star Monster, Duecez, Tron3x, C.A.M.
4/30 Toxic Ruin, Cowboy Amazing
4/30 Plvgues, Satanic Hispanic, Sain't, Acideon
5/15 Front Line Assembly, Rein
5/28 H1Z1, Skeletal Prison, Ave Imperator, Ashes of Alexis, Yotuma
5/30 Suffocation, Atheist, Soreption, Contrarian, Vermillion
6/12 Origin, Abysmal Dawn, Tombs, Killotous, Reaping Asmodeia
6/26 Unitcode:Machine, Finite Automta, Plvgues
7/29 Anvil

The Crucible Online:

Mid-size alternative music and performing arts venue in Madison. Electronic and industrial dance nights, live music shows, burlesque, drag, cosplay, art shows, and much more!