Back Bar

The Back Bar

1901 Beloit Ave (Hwy G)
Janesville, WI 53546
Call: (608) 741-0001

Updated: August 25, 2022 at 04:00 PM

Live Music Schedule

9/09 The Convalescence, Within Chaos, Squidhammer, H1Z1
10/07 Left of Reason, Modern Mimes, Reign of Z
10/14 Messer
10/22 City of the Weak, Artifas
11/12 Aranda
11/25 Scotty Austin

The Back Bar Online


BoB & Diane’s The Back Bar in Janesville, WI, a Venue built for live music since the 70’s. Together, we put together an awesome club that hosts some of the best Hard Rock and Light Metal bands in the area.

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