Bur Oak

The Bur Oak

2262 Winnebago Street
Madison, WI 53704
Call: (608) 640-4380

Updated: July 03, 2022 at 10:31 AM

Live Music Schedule

7/03 Lee Henke
7/04 Closed
7/05 Sam Robinson Quintet
7/13 Anteloper
7/14 Pieta Brown, Meggie Shays
7/15 Michael McDermott
7/17 The Mallet Brothers Band
7/19 Edible Insects: A Journey to the Future of Food
7/21 Jeff Burkhart
7/22 The Runaway Grooms, WURK
7/23 Izaak Opatz
7/28 The Cash Box Kings
7/29 The Empty Vees
7/30 The Iguanas
7/31 7000Aoart, Mobs
8/05 The Claudettes
8/06 Honey Cellar, Michael Darling (2pm)
8/06 Dave Hause, Trapper Schoepp
8/16 Joe Kaplow
8/18 Combo Noir
8/21 Little Red Wolf, Annelies Howell, Mackenzie Moore, Jenna Joanis
8/24 Eric Ryan-Johnson, Casey & Greg
8/30 Crystal Bowersox
9/08 Tommy Prine
9/29 The Honey Pies
9/30 Kikeh Mato, The Earthlings
10/07 David Wilcox
10/13 Gin Mill Hollow, Buffalo Galaxy
10/19 Mackenzie Moore, Gin Chocolate & Bottle Rockets
11/12 The Acoustic Charlies
11/19 Zoe Keating
12/03 Griffin House

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The Bur Oak is an independently run event venue in the heart of Atwood neighborhood.

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