The Crucible

3116 Commercial Avenue
Madison, WI 53704
Call: (608) 640-4441

Updated: September 25, 2021 at 10:18 AM

Live Music Schedule

Every Tuesday: WERQ with Trè 7PM
Lucid Tuesdays: hosted by 8Hertz 9pm
Every Wednesday: Karaoke 6pm
First Fridays: Vinyl & Bass

9/25 Chaosophy, The Faith Hills Have Eyes, Cast In Fire, Thundergoat, Flying Fuzz
10/02 Letherface & Lace
10/07 Autumn Reverie, Courtesy, Ironplow
10/08 Pillow Talk
10/09 WINGTIPS, Klack, Choke Chain
10/16 Metal Brunch! Music by Toxic Ruin, Cowboy Amazing 11am
10/23 301's Hallowscream Part 1: Bellhead, Nightrod, Birth of Tragedy, Monroe, Ashes of Alexis, Grindge, I Manifest, INFINI
11/12 Exhumed, Creeping Death, Bewitcher, Enforced
11/15 Bootblacks

The Crucible Online


Mid-size alternative music and performing arts venue in Madison. Electronic and industrial dance nights, live music shows, burlesque, drag, cosplay, art shows, and much more!

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