Dark Horse Art Bar & Gallery

Dark Horse Art Bar & Gallery

756 E. Washington Ave
Madison, WI 53703

Updated: July 03, 2022 at 10:21 AM

Live Music Schedule

7/08 Kelroy, Las Cruxes
7/09 Bent Antennae, BingBong
7/12 Open Mic Night w/ Pinhead McFly
7/14 Tomb of Weirds: Eclectic Audio curated by Sven Bolan
7/16 Bitter Mistakes
7/17 Marta
7/19 Anothernight, Miscellaneous Owl, The Woverine
7/21 Ryan Burns and the Vocal Ghosts
7/23 Mossmen, Defsonic
7/24 Little Church, Mickey Sunshine
7/26 Dogsblood, Whippets, Science Man
7/27 Antlerhead, Turquoise

Dark Horse Art Bar & Gallery Online


A multi-functional space serving as an art gallery and bar which provides a fun environment to attend monthly art exhibits as well as live music and performance art on a regular basis booking a wide variety of entertainers ranging from standup comedy to belly dancers and everything in between. All done while providing a fun lounge atmosphere to enjoy specialty cocktails, drinks and beer with friends… and maybe pick up some artwork from local and national artists while you are at it!

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