Pyramid Event Venue

Pyramid Event Venue

117 S Main Street
Lake Mills, WI 53551
Call: (920) 945-0280

Updated: June 27, 2022 at 11:29 AM

Live Music Schedule

6/28 Graham Marlowe
6/29 Friends with Benefits
6/30 Feestet
7/02 Hearthfire
7/05 Travis Paul Duo
7/07 Sarah Day
7/08 Andrew David Weber
7/12 Tommy Odetto
7/14 Scott Damgaard
7/15 The Divergents
7/19 Erin Krebs & Jeff Johnston Duo
7/21 Avian Aura
7/22 Catelyn Picco
7/26 Ashes and Sand
7/27 Leah I. M. Rachuj
7/28 Jack Willhite
7/30 Chris Haise Duo
8/19 Kofi Baker

Pyramid Event Venue Online


Pyramid Event Venue is a boutique performance and event venue serving delicious food by Bia Food Company, specialty cocktails and local beers, with live-streamed performances most Tuesdays through Saturdays!

Closed Sunday and Monday

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