Sessions at McPike Park

The Sessions at McPike Park

202 S Ingersoll St
Madison, WI 53703
Call: (608) 266-4711


Live Music Schedule

8/06 The Pursuit of Happiness
Main Stage: Johnny Chimes Band, Paul Cebar Tomorrow Sound, Shamarr Allen and the Underdawgs

Chicory Stage: Raine Stearn, Shamarr Allen & the Underdawgs, Paul Cebar, Madison Comedy Week w/ Mary Mack

8/07 The Pursuit of Happiness
Main Stage: Grupo Balança, Grupo Rebulu, The Handphibians/Otimo Dance, Fareed Haque & Goran Ivanovic, The Iguanas, Making Movies, Mama DigDown's Brass Band (Kanopy Dancers between sets)

Chicory Stage: Caravan (formerly Caravan Gypsy Swing), The Acoustic Charlies, BingBong, Josh Harty, The Iguanas, Madison Comedy Week w/ Jon Dore

8/07 The Pursuit of Happiness
Main Stage: Mr. Chair, The Periodicals, SistaStrings w/ Bill Camplin & Willy Porter, Victor Goines/Herlin Riley and Friends, JD McPherson

Chicory Stage: The Mascot Theory, Gerri DiMaggio & World Jazz Unit, Johannes Wallmann and Precarious Towers, Chris Plata and Extra Hot, The Madtown Mannish Boys, SistaStrings w/ Bill Camplin & Willy Porter

8/12 The Eclectic Session
Main Stage: Charanga Agoza, The Jimmys, San Fermin, MG&E Electric Car Expo (Chris Wagoner & Mary Gaines between

Tent: Acoustic Jam with Frank Busch

8/13 Kiki's Righteous Session
Main Stage: The German Art Students, Bonnie Whitmore, Chuck Prophet & Mission Express

Tent: Howler

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