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Listen to MIR Show for: October 24, 2020

This Weekend on Max Ink Radio
October 24, 2020 @ 6:00 PM
Tune in at Devil Radio 92.7 FM Madison
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In depth interview with:
Cody James

Featured Music:

7uckly Vita - "Little Roboto"
The Skintones - "H Bomb"
Dave Shaub - "Pencil Thin Mustache"
Sunspot - "Eat Out My Heart"
Natty Nation - "Stand in Love"
The Afrofunkstars - "Tolon kale Kanon"
Bear to Witness - "Quite a Spectacle"
Earth Mother - "One Way Ticket to Mars"
WURK - "Fracture"
Britany Hernandez - "Change is Gonna COme"
Cody James - "For What It's Worth"
Dana and the Joanis - "Fortunate Son"
Tom Jordan - "Masters of War"
Brandon Domer - "OHIO"
Mackenzie Moore - "Somebody to Love"
Broke Conway - "We Shall Overcome"
Scott Kirby - "Blowing in the Wind"
Mickey Magnum - "Ride With The Devil"
Morning Star - "Calalini"
Steez - "C Section"
Nester - "7-4 Beltline"
Chase - "One Room"
Mascot Theory - "Great Divide"
The Rascal Theory - "Palm of her Hand"
2am - "That is What She Said"
Earthlings - "I'll be Waiting"
Mark Croft - "For that Pretty Girl"
Wolves and Sheep - "Crossroads"
Wheelhouse - "Go on Go on"

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