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Max Ink Radio is broadcast statewide in Wisconsin on the Civic Media radio network and features music and interviews with Wisconsin based musicians and bands of all genres.

We Are Local Music

Live Radio on Saturday Night with hosts Jimmy K, Rökker, and Teri Barr featuring Wisconsin-Made music and interviews with artists from around the state. Replayed Sunday night.

Civic Media

Civic Media is the largest radio and digital media group in the state of Wisconsin and Max Ink is produced at the network's Center on State Street in Madison

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Listen on one of the many FM/AM stations in the network, get the Civic Media App, stream from website, or listen to the podcast

Max Ink Crew

Max Ink's Crew is Jimmy K, Rökker, and Teri Barr along with utility player Rob Roberts



Jimmy K

Producer, Host

Teri Barr

Award Winning investigative Journalist, Host

Rob Roberts

Utility Player

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Sponsorship Plans For Every Budget

#2 Backstage Pass
$800 / mo.
  • :30s Spots
  • 60 Spots Per Week
  • Spot Production Included
  • On-Air Interviews
  • In-Show Reads & Mentions
  • Links to your Interviews
  • 1 hour Segment Branding
#3 The Les Paul
$600 / mo.
  • :30s Spots
  • 50 Spots Per Week
  • Spot Production Included
  • On-Air Interviews
  • In-Show Reads & Mentions
  • Links to your Interviews
  • .

#4 The Rocker
$400 / mo.
  • :30S Spots
  • 45 Spots per Week
  • Spot Production Included
  • On-Air Interviews
  • In-Show Reads & Mentions
  • Links to your Interviews
  • .
#5 The Roller
$200 / mo.
  • :15s Spots (In-Show)
  • 12 Spots per Weekend
  • Spot Production Included
  • On-Air Interviews
  • In-Show Reads & Mentions
  • Links to your Interviews
  • .
#6 The Promoter
$250 / event
  • Promo Spot Sponsor
  • 2 Week Run
  • On-Air Interview
  • In-Show Mentions
  • On Stage Mentions
  • In-Show Spot 15 Sec
  • Add $200 to become Presenting Sponsor of event and Social Media Event Page

Sponsorship Package Options



30 Second spots aired in the market location of choice in AM/FM markets across Wisconsin. Ad runs include website streaming, Alexa, Tune-in, and the Civic Media app for iPhone & Android. Your choice of nights & weekends, add weekday prime-time. Simple audio production provided at no cost.



Endear your business to our listeners with an interview live on the radio with the Max Ink Radio crew Jimmy K, Rökker, and Teri Barr to brand your business to our listeners. Pre-recorded and phone interviews are also options.



Your Business is mentioned as a sponsor of Max Ink Radio at least 3x per show. Mention includes your name, tagline, and website/phone.



Your Business as an official presenter of a Max Ink Radio Segment. Ex: The Devil’s Lair presented by YOUR BUSINESS NAME



Your business is a top sponsor of the event. Your business name is included in all on-air event promo with 30 second spots, DJ reads, and social media buzz. At the event itself, we’ll mention your business name from the stage before introducing the band.



This segment is a rundown of community events in one of our markets where your business is named as the sponsor of the calendar - runs daily (Coming Soon)


Max Ink Radio broadcasts from the 2nd floor of 202 State Street. The front door is at the corner of W.Dayton and State Street above the Comedy Club.

  • Is there FREE parking?

    Parking on city streets in Madison is free after 6pm. There is Load-In parking at the corner of W. Dayton and State, throw blinkers on and load-in.

  • Send fully tagged MP3s to music@civicmedia.us along with information about the artist.

  • Interviews can be done in our studio or on the phone live on Saturday nights. Submit your request to maxink.radio(at)civicmedia.us with a brief description of why an interview would be relevant at this time, ie: new release, upcoming show, etc.

  • Submit your request to maxink.radio(at)gmail.com and provide bio and links to your music and videos. Include info like inputs, accompanying musicians

  • Send an email to Rokker(at)civicmedia.us with a bio or resume listing your skills, passions and what you are most interested regarding radio, ie: audio production, video, graphics, socials, web design, event promotion, advertising, etc.

    Internships: Max Ink Radio can meet your internship requirements and complete any required forms from educational institutions.


Max Ink Radio broadcasts from the WMDX Mad Radio 92.7FM studio at 202 State Street, Ste. 200


202 State Street, Ste. 200, Madison, WI 53703


(608) 245-0781

Studio Line:

(844) 967-2789