Sponsor Max Ink Radio and Maximum Ink music magazine

Media Packages include Print, FM Radio and Social Media!

- Get 30 :30 second radio ads. Ad will run 2x per hour during Max Ink Radio each week. Remaining ad’s will be played during normal programming on TALK 92.7 FM in Madison and TALK 101.7 in Milwaukee, including on the Devil’s Advocates radio show and other local and nationally syndicated shows in the weekday lineup.

- Become a sponsor of Max Ink Radio and every Saturday during the show your business name and slogan will be mentioned as a sponsor twice per hour, “Max Ink Radio is presented by Your Business/slogan.”

- Your business name and link mentioned as a sponsor in our weekly social media posts promoting the weekly show features.

- Get 1/4 Page print ad in Maximum Ink music magazine delivered throughout Madison and surrounding area.

- Get one Interview with you during the Max Ink Radio to talk about your business, exciting events or news.

Base Package $500/month
Step Up (1/2 page ad) $700/month

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